James Lee Vann and his son, little James

James Lee Vann

Software Engineer

Experience in Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Linux/Unix Systems. Interested in remote developer positions, backend or full-stack.


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Sample Projects

I have successfully completed dozens of projects over the past decade, here are some examples with source code.


This is a ride sharing application I built with Python 3, Django 1.7, backed by Postgres, and running on uWSGI+NGINX in Docker containers.

I'll be sharing the source code on Github in the near future.

Adhara DB

A Graph Database API for Python.

Created as part of a game engine project, this repository is a simple graph database API implementation I wrote. Provides a good representation of my Python 3 coding ability and knowledge.


A wide vairety of skills in programming, business, and general IT areas




Other IT


O'Reilly Auto Parts

Systems Engineer


I work on the software that is used to update and mantain store systems process billions of dollars in transactions annually.

Ensign Technologies LLC

Consultant and Software Solutions Engineer


Ozarks Technical Community College

Adjunct Instructor for Computer Hardware and Software


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Full-Time Missionary and Ambassador of Jesus Christ



Ozarks Technical Community Collage - Associate of Arts

A general education with emphasis in technical and business classes.

Some of my Business Classes:

Some of my Computer Science Classes: